All orders will be posted out on Thursday the 25th July 2019.


  • Why soy wax?

Only 100% pure soy wax is used in my candles. Meaning that it is a natural product derived from natural vegetables and is completely kosher. Soy wax not only burns clean but it also burns longer and at a lower temperature. 

  • Why does my candle have imperfections? 

As all candles and melts are hand poured imperfections may occur including but not limited to frosting (which is the natural elements of the soy wax and a good indicator that soy wax is actually being used) as well as small bubbles at the top of the candle. All candles are poured with great care to try and avoid these from happening. 

  • How do I store my candle when not in use?

Store all candles and melts in a cool, dark and dry place to avoid any light damage. Soy wax has a lower melt point than other waxes so must be kept away from any extreme heat.

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